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August 24, 2022 the 99 years since the birth of
Victor Glushkov

Victor Mikhaylovich Glushkov
Information Technologies Founder

According to Store Eternally author Boris Malinovsky
Translated from the Ukrainian by Doctor Nataliya Shulga
"To live and perish is so common, but only then your life is great when to the light and to the glory you open a heroic gate."
B.Pasternak, "A Sapper's Death"
Victor Glushkov
24.08.1923 - 30.01.1982

He was ahead of time.
Vacuum tubes Computer "Kiev" with "address programming language".
Transistor-based control computer of broad application "Dnepr".
Analog Engineering.
Predecessors of personal computers.
Cybernetic techniques.
Computers of the III and IV generations.
The major life project.
"Let him send a tank!"
V.Glushkov Awards and Honors
Other publications
  • Boris Malinovsky. First Five Years of Cybernetics Development at the Computing Center of the Academy of Science of UkrSSR. 1957-1962