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Meeting at the NPO "Kvant" with Yuri Kuchiyev 22 k
Meeting at the Scientific and Production Association "Kvant" with the atomic icebreaker "Arctica" Captain Yuriy Kuchiev after North Pole voyage. 1983

"...In 1974-1975, the system of ship-navigation "Bris" for trade ships was developed under direction by V.Yu.Lapiy, B.P.Chernov and A.A.Koshevoy.
In that time, the similar system was known only in Japan. It is used on some veteran ships until now. The most perfect system "Biryuza" (for ship-navigation of atomic ice-breakers, A.A.Koshevoy at all.) was further improvement of this system. The developers of "Bris" and "Biryuza" were awarded by the State Premium of USSR in 1985.
It is not easily to understand how much labor was contributed in creation of these systems by the developers who thereon took part in testing of these systems on ships. The ships ploughed seas from hot tropics to north latitudes where air temperature dropped to 40C below zero, whereas forces of mighty engines of an ice-breaker caused potent vibration of all the ship's entire. In these "cruises", most part of the burden fall to Anatoliy Andreevich Koshevoy who was a continuous leader of the explorer's team.
When Ivan Vasilyevich Kudryavtsev died, Viktor Yur'yevich Lapiy experienced himself comfortless, because a character of activity changed, it disappeared a media of creative work, which provided the development with gusto, joy, and inspiration..."
Vilen Plotnikov an original artist. Vilen Plotnikov painting in water-colours Oleg M.Aleshchenko on the desk of a ship equipped with "Zvezda" hydroacoustic system, watched by the french frigate