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Lebedev Sergey. Photo. Size 8 k
Sergey Lebedev,
Academician S.A.Lebedev (1902-1974) - Soviet Computer Pioneer IEEE* Computer Society Award 1996 "Designed and constructed the first computer in the Soviet Union and founded the Soviet computer industry".

Academician S.Lebedev (1902-1974): Director of the Institute of Electrical Technique, Academy of Science of the Ukrainian Soviet Social Republic, in 1948-1951, founder of the national computer-building, creator of the first in the continental Europe computer with program stored in the memory MESM, Director of the Institute of Fine Mechanics and Computing Techniques, AS USSR, in 1952-1974; the Hero of the Socialistic Labor, laureate of the Lenin Prize of the USSR, three orders of Lenin, October Revolution and Red Labor Banner. 15 types of super electronic counting machines were created under his guidance starting from electronic counting machines on tubes to electronic counting machines on integral elements.
* IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers