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MESM computer. Photo. Size 45 kb
The first brain-child of S.A.Lebrdev - MESM,
L.N.Dashevsky(right) and S.B.Pogrebinsky are at the control desk.
The first electronic counting machine in continental Europe. Designed under the leadership of Academician S.A.Lebedev (Kyiv, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, 1948-1951).
MESM was launched into trial operation on November, 6, 1950.
The following task was to be solved:   Y''+Y=0; Y(0)=0; Y(π)=0;
The first tasks were solved on January, 4, 1951.
There was computation of odd series of factorial number and raising to a power.
The continuous operation started on December, 25, 1951.