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computer MESM 30 k

Boris Malinovskiy is recollecting:
"On looking to this picture I remember a funny story.
Back in 1953 or early 1954 a doctor of science who knew nothing about computer technologies was appointed a chief of Lebedev's laboratory.
The first week, after examining the MESM, he found much dust on the frame where the tubes were so he ordered to wipe the whole MESM.
This having been done, the MESM failed to operate for a few weeks!
Noone has ever wiped dust earlier."

On the picture (left) is Lev Naumovich Dashevskiy, next to him - Zoya Sergeevna Rapota.
At the board are Lidiya Mikhailovna Abalyshnikova, Tamara Ivanovna Petsukh and Yevgeniy Evgenyievich Dedeshko.
The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Kiev, 1951.