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Vilen Plotnikov  17 k
Vilen Plotnikov, 1970
Cassette processor of the "Carat" computer. 1971
A cassette processor of the computer "Carat" in an unfolded aspect. One may see the multi-crystal micro-schemes Varduva (the series 240). 1971
Vilen Plotnikov - Chief designer of "Carat" computers family, who had an exellent feature of prediction of the progress in the field of scientific computer technology. A man of good nature, benevolent to people, artist-amateur,expert in literature

"...The "Carat" family of installed computers, developed under Vilen Plotnikov management, was the first in the Soviet Union broadly used in navy radio-electronic systems. The important indicator of computer perfection is mean-time-between-failures which consisted more than 2 000 hours (almost 100 days) for the first "Carats" and more than 10 000 hours (almost 5 years) for the next modifications. At the beginning of 70-s these figures seemed to be fantastic. But computers used in surface ships and submarines and operating under conditions of high humidity, great temperature fluctuations, weight overloading required this very reliability.
"Carats" passed the exams: many computers had operated on board for 10-15 years without a single failure! Within these years more than 2 000 computers were manufactured at the plants of Ukraine and Russia! They were used in systems of sixty modifications..."
A.Evstratenko, V.Dontsov, V.Plotnikov, V.Berkovets, M.Kolesnichenko. Developers of the "Carat" computer "Carat" computer system MP4.21.