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"Kosteliansky Vladimir Mikhailovich - the senior circuit technique specialist, served at all periods of its development. The author of the circuit concepts and projects, key technical and program means, created at the "Impulse". Awarded with the Order of the "Red Labor Banner"..."

"Somkin Vladimir Mikhailovich, born in 1933. Engineering and design ideas, elaborated under his supervision, were accepted as standards of the computer facilities creation at the "Impulse" and at the Ministry of Instrument-Making Industry of the USSR. He is the laureate of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR Prize..."

"Sopochkin Leonid Alekseevich, born in 1926. Great Patriotic War participant. The irreplaceable head of the works on creation of communication devices with the object for all generations of control and information computing complexes, elaborated at the "Impulse". Awarded with the order "October Revolution" and with medals..."

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