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Obuvalin Mikhail Photo. Size 14 kb
Mikhail Obuvalin. (1923-1994)   ›››  
Vinokurov Vladimir Photo. Size 12 kb
Vladimir Vinokurov   ›››  
Itenberg Illya Photo. Size 14 kb
Illya Itenberg   ›››  

"Obuvalin Mikhail Ivanovich - founder of the Severodonetsk scientific school for system and application programming. During 30 years (from 1964 to 1994) he was a chief of "Impulse" application programming department. Awarded with the medals "For Courageous Labor" and "The Veteran of Labor"..."

"Vinokurov Vladimir Gennadievich born in 1923. Supervised the department of system programming at RPA "Impulse". One of the creators of the aggregate software system for unified computer complexes..."

"Itenberg Illya Izrailevich, born in 1932. Directed over several "Impulse" departments, which implemented the key elaborations, was an organizer of the big projects, took part in the creation of the operating control system, served as chief designer of the unique multi-level control system for the sorting complex of the Bratsk timber industry, also as chief designer of the control complexes M-6000 and SM-2, of the highly productive complexes PS-2000 and PS-2100..."

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