The History of Development of Computer Science and Technologies in Ukraine
The European Virtual Computer Museum

The European virtual computer museum represents a network of interconnected virtual computer museums. Its Ukrainian part - "History of development of information technologies in Ukraine" ( is developed and maintained on a voluntary basis by employees of the Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciencies of Ukraine named after Viktor M.Glushkov: Vera BIGDAN (E-mail:, Tamara MALASHOK (E-mail: and Boris MALINOVSKIY - the author of "Essays on Computer Science and Technology in Ukraine", "The history of computer technology in persons", "The Known and the Unknown in the history of computer technology in Ukraine", etc.

On the display there are very reliable data which were received from pioneers of information technologies of Ukraine and the former Soviet Union: A.A.Dorodnitsin, V.A.Melnikov, V.S.Burtsev, G.G.Rjabov, P.P.Golovistikov, B.I.Rameev, M.K.Sulim, T.M.Aleksandridi, N.P.Brusentsov, J.V.Rogachev, I.J.Akushskiy, J.V.Kapitonova, A.A.Letichevsky, S.B.Pogrebinsky, E.A.Shkabara, V.N.Plotnikov, V.J.Lapiy, Z.L.Rabinovich, V.N.Koval', S.S.Zabara, E.L. Yushchenko, V.V.Rezanov, V.P.Derkach, B.E.Vasilenko, A.E.Pilipchuk, V.I.Skurihin, A.I.Krivonosov, I.V.Velbitskiy, V.N.Redko, K.G.Samofalov, as well as from the daughters of S.A.Lebedev and E.S.Osechinskaja, N.S.Lebedeva, from Valentina Mihajlovna, the widow of V.M.Glushkov and from Vladimir Mihajlovich, the son of M.A.Kartsev.

Based on materials of museum expositions there is released a compact disc "The history of development of information technologies in Ukraine". Publication of books of Boris N.Malinovskiy from which the basic materials for expositions are taken, as well as the release of a compact disc became practicable thanks to many sponsors:
Presidium of the National Academy of Science (NAS) of Ukraine; Institute of Cybernetics named after V.M.Glushkov of the NAS of Ukraine; the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine; "Infocom" firm; "Adamant" firm; the State Innovation Fund of Ukraine; RÓtary-club of the city of Kiev; the Board of "Kiev-optima" joint-stock company; "Center of introduction of information technologies"; Ukrainian Corporation "Ukrtitan"; "Quasar - Micro" production association.
Authors express their gratitude to everybody.

The founders of the museum are also very grateful to:
V.V.Akimova, the director of the museum on history of Kharkiv state polytechnical university and S.I.Posokhov, the dean of historical faculty of Kharkiv national university for providing some archival and a photo materials about A.N Shchukarev and P.D.Khrushchev.

Our thanks are to:
Elvir Malinovsky, the former employee of S.A.Lebedev's laboratory for numeralization of films devoted to S.A.Lebedev and V.M.Glushkov and for providing some materials; to Sergey Malinovsky, a student (in 2002) of the Kiev Shevchenko national university for editing some fragments of television films;

to Emiliya Kovalchuk for translation into English some exposition materials, and also to professor Bernard Richards for editing of the English version devoted to S.A.Lebedev;

to Dmitry Leader who has created an opening page;
to Dmitry Astapov, Irina Vojtashevska, Alexander Yeremko, Julia Zaika, Maxim Polshcha, Alexander Sobko, Vladimir Turanskiy, Stanislav Shevchenko, the 4th-year students (in 1999) of the Kiev National Shevchenko university, faculty of cybernetics, who in 1999 took an active participation in creation of a virtual hall devoted to V.M.Glushkov.

Any information related to the history of computer science and technology in Ukraine and abroad will be very welcomed. Our contact e-mail address:

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